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DezignWorks for

  • DezignWorks is fully integrated inside SOLIDWORKS allowing interactive editing and creation of sketch entities ( lines, arcs, curves, splines, points and planes ).

DezignWorks Lazer

  • DezignWorks Lazer is the world’s first feature based reverse engineering laser scanning software entirely inside of SOLIDWORKS!

DezignWorks for
Tracker SW

  • DezignWorks, the standard in reverse engineering for Tracker SOLIDWORKS!

DezignWorks for
Autodesk Inventor

  • Engineers and designers use DezignWorks and AutoDesk Inventor to capture data from existing parts directly within the Inventor environment maintaining the associativity so they can design better products faster and more accurately, speeding time to market.

DezignWorks for
PTC Wildfire/Creo

  • DezignWorks allows users to perform reverse engineering functions directly inside the Pro Engineer interface utilizing digitizer devices such as Faro, Romer and MicroScribe. DezignWorks in conjunction with Pro E Wildfire expands on the software's legacy of ease of use.

DezignWorks Toolz

  • From the leader in feature-based reverse engineering software comes a new set of add-in tools to turbocharge SOLIDWORKS for ALL designers.

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    Creative Dezign Concepts
    116 Morlake Dr. Suite 104
    Mooresville, NC 28117

    Phone: 704.660.5100
    Fax: 704.660.5274
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  • Creative Dezign Concepts has been regularly recognized by SOLIDWORKS Corporation with awards for outstanding customer support services.


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Executive Summary

DezignWorks is a reverse-engineering/digitzing software developed by Creative Dezign Concepts located in Mooresville, NC. Founded in 1996, Creative Dezign Concepts has been a major source of engineering design, software, and services for over 500 companies of all different sizes worldwide. DezignWorks is a feature-based RE software that directly integrates with SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk Inventor and PTC Creo. This allows engineers and designers to use DezignWorks and their existing CAD software to capture data natively within the modeler.

What are some reasons a company would need DezignWorks reverse-engineering/digitzing software:

  • It has been estimated that up to 70% of new mechanical designs are based on existing designs, RE software can significantly speed up that process and time to market.
  • Many companies have prototypes of new designs or very old designs that must be captured to be able to accurately create CAD files for manufacturability.
  • In the aftermarket world, a company needs the ability to accurate recreate the OE design and then be able to easily make changes to that design.
  • Engineers frequently run into the problem of “model space”. DezignWorks can help determine locations of parts, geometry, and mounting points within the engineering envelope to make parts that conform to these space requirements.

    What are some advantages of using DezignWorks in the reverse-engineering/digitzing process:

  • Depending on the geometry of the existing part and complexity of the design, Dezignworks can offer a 7x to 10x improvements in time to market. In some cases designs can be captured that standard engineering tools will NOT be able to reproduce.
  • DezignWorks is directly integrated into the 3d CAD modeler. The learning curve is extremely quick since it heavily based on the 3d modeler the engineer is already using. DezignWorks helps leverage the investment in time and money a company has already made into their CAD system. Most experienced CAD users can create parts and be productive within a few hours.
  • All designs created with DezignWorks are native models. This means the engineer can make parametric changes and take into account variables such as the accuracy tolerances for the measuring device and manufacturing process.
  • Native modeling also means no translation of different CAD file formats and learning other software packages that may require significant investments of time and productivity.

    In conclusion, DezignWorks can offer significant competitive advantages to a company that wishes to use the reverse-engineering/digitizing process as part of their business model. Please visit and for more information.
Creative Dezign Concepts * 116 Morlake Dr, Suite 104 * Mooresville, NC 28117 * 704-660-5100

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