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  • DezignWorks is fully integrated inside SOLIDWORKS allowing interactive editing and creation of sketch entities ( lines, arcs, curves, splines, points and planes ).

DezignWorks Lazer

  • DezignWorks Lazer is the world’s first feature based reverse engineering laser scanning software entirely inside of SOLIDWORKS!

DezignWorks for
Tracker SW

  • DezignWorks, the standard in reverse engineering for Tracker SOLIDWORKS!

DezignWorks for
Autodesk Inventor

  • Engineers and designers use DezignWorks and AutoDesk Inventor to capture data from existing parts directly within the Inventor environment maintaining the associativity so they can design better products faster and more accurately, speeding time to market.

DezignWorks for
PTC Wildfire/Creo

  • DezignWorks allows users to perform reverse engineering functions directly inside the Pro Engineer interface utilizing digitizer devices such as Faro, Romer and MicroScribe. DezignWorks in conjunction with Pro E Wildfire expands on the software's legacy of ease of use.

DezignWorks Toolz

  • From the leader in feature-based reverse engineering software comes a new set of add-in tools to turbocharge SOLIDWORKS for ALL designers.

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  • Creative Dezign Concepts has been regularly recognized by SOLIDWORKS Corporation with awards for outstanding customer support services.


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Success Story - Orange County Choppers
The OCC SOLIDWORKS Chopper created by Orange County Choppers with SOLIDWORKS Gold Partner Product DezignWorks. OCCs Jason Pohl says - With DezignWorks, we now have unlimited capabilities. We can reproduce any part accurately and do it fast...

Orange County Choppers speeds reverse-engineering with DezignWorks software.

Orange County Choppers has garnered worldwide praise and recognition for their custom motorcycles. Established as a business in 1999, the shop grew out of Orange County Ironworks, a steel fabrication enterprise founded nearly 30 years ago by custom-chopper builder and rider Paul Teutul Sr. OCC jumped on the custom-bike scene at Daytona Biketoberfest 1999 with "True Blue," a classic chopper built in the basement of Paul Sr.'s house.

Dezignworks Gillete Front WheelSince then, the company has continued to design and manufacture high-end customized choppers, specializing in theme bikes. American Chopper is a reality television program that chronicles the company's latest creations. The program can be viewed on the Discovery Channel. Orange County Choppers creates their own product line and custom designs some state of the art motorcycles.

Awhile back, SOLIDWORKS Express spoke with Jason Pohl, an artist/designer at OCC about the company's use of DezignWorks and SOLIDWORKS® software.

What process did your company use to complete reverse-engineering tasks prior to using DezignWorks?
"Previous to using DezignWorks, we relied on a drafting board, calipers and a ruler."

Vinnie from OCCWhat challenge led you to consider/choose DezignWorks?
"We needed to to accelerate our CNC parts line."

What type of digitizing devices are you using with DezignWorks?
"We're using Faro rocks — we have two of them."

Using DezignWorks insures that all geometric elements are parametric, fully editable, and conform to the feature-based intelligence of SOLIDWORKS software. What is the benefit of this capability?
" It allows us to rapidly capture vital data that we could not capture with our existing process. We' can then parametrically change the cosmetic values of the part. With DezignWorks and SOLIDWORKS fully integrated with one another, we're able to use assembly capabilities of SOLIDWORKS to generate data for the shop floor."

Why is it important to be able to conduct real-time reverse engineering on multiple parts and assemblies?
"The fabricators will come to us with paper templates or existing parts. We now have the ability to digitize these parts and cut them out much faster and more accurately than with our previous method."

Jason Pohl at Orange County Choppers says - With DezignWorks, we now have unlimited capabilities. We can reproduce any part accurately and do it fast. [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]Why is it a benefit that DezignWorks is fully integrated into the SOLIDWORKS property manager?
"By being integrated into the SOLIDWORKS property manager gives us constant feedback about the digitizing process. Probe movement as well as location and depths for cuts and extrudes. By using the locked plane or locked surface, wizard planes and surfaces are visible."

How much faster is your design process with DezignWorks?
"200 mph or super fast."

Does using DezignWorks allow your company to accept jobs that it could not accept prior to using DezignWorks? Please explain.

"With DezignWorks, we now have unlimited capabilities. We can reproduce any part accurately and do it fast."

Download OCC - DezignWorks 519 KB (PDF)

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